Dicember 2017, Day 2: Oldest Dice

Dozens of polyhedral dice.

Tales of a GM is running the 12 Days of Dicember, a project dedicated dice in all their randomized glory. The question for the second day of Dicember is “Which is your oldest die?” The answer is … I honestly don’t know. I have a number of ancient dice that date back to my original Dungeons & Dragons Basic … Read more

Geeky Christmas Vacation 2014

Oversized dice with dungeon maps on them sit atop an RPG manual. Nearby is a stack of comic books.

Christmas Vacation is finally here. After long days and longer nights of working to make sure everything got done before I left the office, it’s Christmas Eve, the college is closed, and I think I can relax. I’m off from December 24 through January 4, and we’ve got all manner of family fun planned, including watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my parents (something the kids are eager to do) and some family skiing (which I’m eager to do).

Behold … the Dice of the Elder Gods!

My brand-new, yellow-painted, Chaosium-sanctioned Call of Cthulhu dice by Q Workshop arrived today from Poland. I’ve got to say — these things are easily the most beautiful, well-crafted dice in my collection, and I’d put them up against any of those meteorite dice in a geek cred show down. I mean, sure, dice made from … Read more

Nerds with (Virtual) Dice

If you’re ever feeling like, gee, you’re just not geeky enough … try downloading some polyhedral dice icons for your computer. Available for Windows and for Macintosh. Now if only they had one that matched my glow-in-the-dark d20…