Take Cover from A Swarm of Stirges

The stirge. It is a monster whose name echoes down the halls of dungeon crawling history, evoking terror and scorn as it does so (terror for low-level characters trapped in a cavern with them, scorn for high-level adventurers all but immune to their blood-sucking attacks). This monster, whose roots date back to the dawn of … Read more

The Libertarian Gamer: Arcana Unearthed, Part 2: Races & Classes

In Part 1 of this column, I gave an overview of Monte Cook’s Diamond Throne¬†(Amazon) campaign setting for Arcana Unearthed¬†(Amazon) and talked about the sort of adventures I’d like to run there. In Part 2, I talk about the races and classes I’d use to achieve the goals set out in the first column. One … Read more

The Libertarian Gamer: Arcana Unearthed, Part 1: Campaign Set-Up

Monte Cooke’s Arcana Unearthed¬†(Amazon) is an alternative Players Handbook for Dungeons & Dragons that ditches the game’s time-honored fantasy classes in favor of wholly new classes that contain echoes of their predecessors, but represent something entirely different. It does an excellent job of breaking the fantasy molds, and it’s surprisingly well-suited for a libertarian campaign. … Read more

WISH 96: When a Game Clicks…

In WISH #96, Ginger asked (Internet Archive): Describe one or more occasions when a game went click for you and things fell together. Why do you think this happened? What factors made it possible? What were the consequences? It just happened this past Saturday. It was in the Scarred Lands campaign where I’m a player, … Read more

NukemCon: Afterthoughts

Grey and white robot-like figurines battle on a hexagonal map.

NukemCon has come and gone, and now that I’ve caught up on my sleep and my caffeine twitches have faded, it’s time to evaluate our first-ever home-grown convention. Overall, I think it went quite well. We got to play a heck of a lot games, although not nearly as many as I’d hoped. The final … Read more

NukemCon: Day 2

Gamers gathered around a table playing a card game.

The Blackrazor Motor Pool was forced into action on Day 2 of NukemCon, as car troubles harried our otherwise excellent day of gaming. It started with Bill’s car; when we went to get the third television out for our Xbox network, he caught a glimpse of something gleaming in his tire. Yes, in his tire. … Read more

WISH #95: How Many Colors?

WISH 95 question is (Internet Archive): How many colors do you like in your gaming? Do you prefer four-color games? Or should game morality be black and white or shades of grey, and if the latter, how many? Are “evil” characters acceptable? Does your preference depend on genre? Do your preferences affect the genres you … Read more

Maure Greyhawk Goodness

Maure Castle is back. The setting for Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure gets the “return to” treatment in Dungeon #112 in a super-adventure penned by Robert J. Kuntz and Gary Gygax. It is truly a wonder to behold. The follow-up to the classic 1st edition module details four dungeon levels, and includes two appendixes featuring new magic … Read more

What I’m Reading Now, May 2004 Edition

Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian: Historical naval fiction set in the waning years of the 18th century, this novel follows the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey and his enlightened ship’s surgeon, Doctor Stephen Maturin as they wages war against foes of the British Empire. This book inspired half of last year’s movie Master & … Read more

WISH 93: Enough and Too Much

Wish 93 (Internet Archive) delves into an interesting subject: how do you deal with a campaign that has a long-running and detailed history? Here’s what Ginger asked: “Does joining a game with a lot of background thrill or intimidate you? What do you do to try to learn the background, or to compensate for not … Read more