Explore the D&D Multiverse with the Manual of the Planes

The Manual of the Planes is a cosmological toolbox detailing the heavens, hells and strange places in between for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition role-playing game. Written by Jeff Grubb, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan , the book is heir to two planar traditions: the minimalist 1st edition Manual of … Read more

Expand your mind with the Psionics Handbook

Psionic abilities in previous editions of Dungeons and Dragons were awkward add-ons that only the most zealous individuals were willing to use. D&D3rd Edition’s Psionics Handbook changes all that, folding psionics almost seamlessly into the core D&D rules. The Psionics Handbook was one of the first supplemental rule books released after the three “core” D&D … Read more