Get Caught In A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones offers fantasy fans a gritty, realistic medieval adventure that stands in sharp contrast to the aloof elves and all-pervasive magic populating endless Tolkien knockoffs. The book is set in the land of Westeros, a fantastic realm removed in time and space from our own medieval period. In this … Read more

The Gunslinger Revisited

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” That’s one of the great opening lines in speculative fiction — or hell, any kind of fiction. It immediately evokes mystery, drama, adventure and an entire Old West mythology. It doesn’t merely tug at the mind — it rends. It compels. It forces … Read more

The Eye of the World Looks Down Upon a Fantastic Universe

Fantasy addicts looking for their next fix of sword and sorcery should check out Robert Jordon’s modern classic The Eye of the World. Published in 1990, the novel is the first in a saga called The Wheel of Time. It opens in the tiny village of Edmond’s Field, where stubborn shepherds raise sheep and equally … Read more

Wash Up On Infinity’s Shore

In Startide Rising, David Brin began the epic adventure of a crew of neo-dolphins, their starship Streaker, and a terrible, war-inspiring secret. He won the Hugo and Nebula awards for the novel, the story of which remained unfinished for years. Now, with the Uplift Storm trilogy, Brin is continuing – but probably not concluding – … Read more

Waging Forever Peace

Take the horrors of the Vietnam War, combine them with an advanced state of virtual reality where human soldiers control their soldier boys — or mechanical soldiers — remotely, and throw in a new hi-tech weapon that threatens to end life as we know it, and you have Joe Haldeman’s latest novel, Forever Peace. As … Read more