Radio Active #30: Zombies, LEGO Serenity, Cell, Jonathan Coulton

Zombies are the topic of the day with Radio Active #30, which features a review of Stephen King’s zombie-novel Cell and Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week song “Re Your Brains”. Sites of Note looks at Joss Whedon’s Serenity re-done in LEGOS, applauds All Games Considered on their one-year anniversary, and takes a look at Geek … Read more

Off the Bookshelf: Analog’s June Issue, King’s Cell, Hard SF Renaissance, Google Hacks

My resurrected reading habit picked up in April, allowing me to tear through Analog’s June issue and make another serious dent in the Hard SF Renaissance anthology, while a trip to New Hampshire to visit my sister for Easter gave me time to listen to the unabridged audio of Stephen King’s new horror novel Cell. … Read more

Radio Active #12: Good News Everybody! KOTOR II, From a Buick 8, SciFi Podcasters

Good news abounds in Radio Active #12, which includes an announcement about a change in my day job that will let me walk to work. Really. It’s also got an announcement about the Atomic Swindlers contest winners and the happy news that Radio Active has joined the ranks of The Science Fiction Podcast Network. It’s … Read more

Radio Active #4: Dreamcatcher, Finding Serenity, KODT #100 and a Geek Dad on the Xbox

Radio Active #4 reviews Stephen King’s alien invasion novel Dreamcatcher and the movie adaptation, discusses the new essay collection Finding Serenity, about Joss Whedon’s Firefly series, talks about Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine #100.¬†¬†finally offers some thoughts on gaming when you’re a geek dad. Getting the Podcast You can get the podcast in two … Read more

What I’m Reading Now, September 2004 edition

Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass: My audio book selection this month returns to the past of Roland the Gunslinger, before he went west on his titanic quest to hunt down the Man in Black. It’s a tragic tale that deals with Roland’s star-crossed first love and it’s a painful read. Nonetheless, in this second … Read more

The Gunslinger Revisited

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” That’s one of the great opening lines in speculative fiction — or hell, any kind of fiction. It immediately evokes mystery, drama, adventure and an entire Old West mythology. It doesn’t merely tug at the mind — it rends. It compels. It forces … Read more