Off the Bookshelf: Fall, The Last Emperox, The Dreaming Stars, Auberon, The Bohr Maker

Nuketown’s Summer Reading List for 2020 is in full swing. During my summer vacation at Lake Champlain, I finished up Fall (or Dodge in Hell) and knocked out The Last Emperox, The Dreaming Stars, and Auberon (an Expanse novella). I also launched into The Bohr Maker, which I completed when I got back from the … Read more

Off the Shelf: Moon of Skulls, Quicksilver, Analog: Sept. 2008

I got off to a great start to my summer reading list, but it slowed down significantly after July, when my spring-summer run of work conferences ended (which had given me plenty of time to read on cross-country plane trips), and I had to double-down on my projects to meet start-of-semester deadlines. The other problem? … Read more

Radio Active #1: Snowcrash, Age of Apocalypse, The Incredibles

The first edition of Nuketown Radio Active, the ol’thermonuclear’s podcast, is available for download. The podcast includes a review of Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, speculations on the need for Marvel’s 10th anniversary Age of Apocalypse mini-series, thoughts on Elements of Style applied to e-mail, and a quick review of The Incredibles movie and … Read more

My Reading List, March 2004 Edition

Here’s a rundown of everything I’m reading right now (March 8), from audio books to comic books to good ol’fashioned novels. Audio A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (Amazon):  A tale of political scheming set in a world in which the summers and winters can last for years. So far I’m enjoying it, … Read more