Betelgeuse (or How I Found My Bean Bag Chair)

A close up of the alien landscape of Betelgeuse, my new red bean bag chair.

Several years ago, I talked about my search for a new bean bag chair but I never reported out when I found it: the Sumo Sulton. To re-cap: I was looking for an adult-sized bean bag chair that could accommodate my 6’2″ frame. My budget was $200-$300, but I was willing to go a little … Read more

Game Day: Back to the Borderlands

A close up view of adventurers fighting goblins.

As I wrote last week, the Blackrazors and their children will be running through the venerable module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands as part of our D&D Kids campaign. We’re playing D&D 5th Edition, and are running a version of the module updated for that edition. We chose B2 for a couple of reasons: … Read more

Game Day: The Next Generation

A keep, with high walls and towers, stands against a vibrant red, yellow, and orange background.

The next generation of Blackrazor Guilders have strapped on their fathers’ swords, sat down at the gaming table, and begun slinging dice. We have three kids (two boys, one girl) in the immediate group who want to play, and we have two of my son’s friends (both boys) who are also eager to start casting … Read more

Geek Tree 2015

This close-up of the 2015 edition of the geek tree features IKEA star lights, the Borg Cube, and Luke Skywalker in his Bespin outfit.

The Geek Tree finally has an angel.

For years, the topper of the geek tree — my personal ode to speculative fiction in Christmas tree form — had a Santa Yoda at the tree topper. Yoda was great, and I’m sure he’ll return to his place of honor eventually, but this year I had a true angel … a Weeping Angel from ThinkGeek.

Geeky Christmas Vacation 2014

Oversized dice with dungeon maps on them sit atop an RPG manual. Nearby is a stack of comic books.

Christmas Vacation is finally here. After long days and longer nights of working to make sure everything got done before I left the office, it’s Christmas Eve, the college is closed, and I think I can relax. I’m off from December 24 through January 4, and we’ve got all manner of family fun planned, including watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my parents (something the kids are eager to do) and some family skiing (which I’m eager to do).

The Quest for a Bean Bag Chair

I’m on the quest for a bean bag chair. It a quest driven by equal parts nostalgia and practicality. Nostalgia for the red bean bag chair I had as a kid, practicality because I need a chair that’s comfortable and easily stow-able for the game room. Update 12/17/2017: I found my bean bag chair. It’s a … Read more

Geek Tree 2014

The 2014 edition of the Geek Tree is up. As has been our tradition for years (exactly how many years I can’t recall) I setup a dedicated Christmas tree for all of my geeky ornaments. It typically goes up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and is packed with all manner of genre ornaments representing Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Loony Tunes, The Hobbit, the Marvel universe, and many more.

Coach Newquist

Girls get ready to field the ball during a softball game.

It’s probably the goatee.

Somewhere around the year 1998, an alternative version of myself never started watching the Mets again. Never got hooked on the Subway Series between the Mets and the Yankees in 2000. Never started playing baseball games again on his Xbox 360, never started throwing baseballs on the quad at the college where he works, never went to an IronPigs game, never assistant coached his daughter’s softball team…