Researching Gamer Food Options

As most gaming tables I’ve been at people arrive toting Mountain Dew, chips (usually Doritos) and maybe some kind of tip. The healthiest options I typically see are pretzels or a craft beer of some kind. My own gaming group has swung between extremes; when we’ve been on a collective health kick, veggies, hummus, and water rule the day, while at other times we’re downing a steady stream of soda (nowadays is more likely to be diet caffeine free soda, but still … soda).

We’re usually better when gaming with the kids — they’ll usually drink water and devour bowls full of lightly salted popcorn and grapes — but if we need to eat dinner as part of game night we usually go with pizza.

All of this has led me to ponder a possible “Webscryer” column Knights of the Dinner Table focusing on gamer food, but I’m coming up short on good websites. I’m looking for two things: healthy food options for gamers and fantastical food ideas for game night. If I can find enough good websites, it might become two columns, but we’ll start there. Here’s what I’ve found so far; post your food suggestions and web links as comments below or email me at

Healthy Food Options for Gamers

These should be easy to prepare or buy alternatives to standard gamer food fare. Bonus points for tying it into geek or gaming culture.

Fantastical Food Ideas for Game Night


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