Blogworthy: D&D, Greyhawk, Free Maps, Pandemic, Vader vs. Kenobi

It’s Gonna Be Easier Than Ever To Play Dungeons & Dragons: IGN looks at the new Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Starter Set, which includes a 64-page rulebook for creating characters from levels 1-5 (bard, cleric fighter, rogue, wizard) and a new introductory adventure, “Dragon of Icespire Peak”. From what they describe, I think this has the potential … Read more

RPG Video Shows, Streams & Resources

Three adventurers walk through a brown-and-orange colored canyon.

Live video streams and vidcasts are the big thing in role-playing games right now. Combined with the throwback Netflix series Stranger Things and the 80s-infused gamer novel Ready Player One the shows have helped produce a resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. Unfortunately aside from Tabletop (which is more of a board game … Read more

Game Day: Back to the Borderlands

A close up view of adventurers fighting goblins.

As I wrote last week, the Blackrazors and their children will be running through the venerable module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands as part of our D&D Kids campaign. We’re playing D&D 5th Edition, and are running a version of the module updated for that edition. We chose B2 for a couple of reasons: … Read more

Game Day: The Next Generation

A keep, with high walls and towers, stands against a vibrant red, yellow, and orange background.

The next generation of Blackrazor Guilders have strapped on their fathers’ swords, sat down at the gaming table, and begun slinging dice. We have three kids (two boys, one girl) in the immediate group who want to play, and we have two of my son’s friends (both boys) who are also eager to start casting … Read more