Summer’s End 2019

Summer 2019 is long over, and so is my summer “to do” list. The list, inspired by similar lists in 2015 and 2017, was meant to focus my scatterbrained self on a few goals for the summer. Stuff that would be fun to accomplish … but didn’t matter much if I didn’t finish. Summer Reading List 2019: My Summer Reading List … Read more

Summertime, June 2019 Edition

In my “One Awesome Summer” post, I talked about my goals for the summer. It’s a big list, and I’ll likely not do everything on it … but I can try. The point of this post is to take a look at those goals and see where I am. As I mentioned back in January, reflection … Read more

Anker Soundcore 2: A good Bluetooth speaker

A close-up view of the black Anker speaker.

For years my sound systems were bifurcated. Ancient Logitech speakers, including a big, boxy subwoofer, resided in my game room/office. I used them when my computer was docked. Away from my desk, I used earbuds or whatever tinny sound my smartphone or tablet could produce. Last summer I spent a good many evenings working on … Read more

Under the Geek Tree 2018

A ton of role-playing game books found their way under the Geek Tree this year thanks to Christmas and my birthday. It was heavy on Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks, but there’s also a touch of Cthulhu … and a swig of Hellboy Firewater to wash it all down. Creature Codex (Amazon / Website) – Kobold Publishing’s Creature Codex (Amazon) is easily the heftiest of … Read more

Geek Tree 2018

The Geek Tree is back again for 2018. There are no major changes to it this year save for the now-fully functional Hallmark Star Wars Storyteller collection. There are a six new ornaments on the tree, which is once again near capacity. I once again avoided going with a theme tree to limit the number of ornaments, but clearly, … Read more

Entering Bullet Time

Pens and pencils atop a writing journal.

Back in March I learned about bullet journals from a post by Berin Kinsman. Bullet journals are a type of journal that’s focused on quick-hit journal entries that are easy to add. Events, to-dos, random thoughts — they all go into the journal. As you complete things, you cross off their bullets. If you don’t … Read more

Installing external hard drives for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

A close-up of the original Xbox One console.

At this point, extra storage for game consoles may be almost as critical on Christmas morning as fully charged AA batteries. With modern games taking up a ridiculous amount of space on your typical console it’s all too easy to fill up a 500 GB hard drive … and not realize it until Santa’s already deposited … Read more

Geek Tree 2017

Three ornaments - Darth Vadar, the wizard Gandalf, and the starship Enterprise - appear on a Christmas tree.

The Geek Tree is back and its brighter and louder than ever. Expanded to a 9′ tall narrow tree in 2016, this year’s Geek Tree includes a new power 2017 ornaments from Hallmark as well as older 1990s-era ornaments that my parents gave me. To learn more about the Geek Tree and its previous iterations, … Read more