Blogworthy: Conclusions, Star Trek Card Game, Grand Pyramid, Spelljammer, Floorplan Generator

Star Trek game cards laid out on a blue/black starscape.

A Satisfying Conclusion: Gnome Stew looks at strategies for ending your RPG games, be they convention one-shots or multi-year campaigns. How a Star Trek card game quietly continues, 10 years after its official end: I played a few rounds of the Star Trek Collectible Card game by Decipher back in college. Though fun, I never got into it. … Read more

Endless Dungeons

A small conventional graph paper dungeon featuring blocks, hexagons, and connecting passages.

Dungeons are the cornerstone of the fantasy RPGs. Even as games become more story-driven, even when we give up slaying the dragon in exchange for founding a kingdom, the lure of the dungeons is still there. This page is dedicated to dungeons in all their impossible glory.

Thoughts on Fluid’s Dundjinni Mapper

I just saw an ad for Fluid’s new mapping/adventure creator program, Dundjinni, on the back of Dungeon Magazine yesterday. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, the Character Creator that shipped with the PHB 3.0 was probably the best such tool I ever used. On the other, eTools was … disappointing. It … Read more