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A Satisfying Conclusion: Gnome Stew looks at strategies for ending your RPG games, be they convention one-shots or multi-year campaigns.

How a Star Trek card game quietly continues, 10 years after its official end: I played a few rounds of the Star Trek Collectible Card game by Decipher back in college. Though fun, I never got into it. Others did … and they’re still into it. Ars Technica writes about how a cadre of dedicated fans has kept the game going all these years.

Star Trek Lorem Ipsum: Klingon has long been my placeholder language of choice when I needed fake text for my web design projects. Like the Latin version, Klingon successfully fills the space without giving people something they can actually read (thus focusing on the design rather than the words). Nonsensical lorem ipsum can work as well and are few things more nonsensical than Star Trek technobabble, which this generator gives you. I’ve added it to my growing list of geeky lorem ipsum generators.

Great Pyramid of Tauneskalis III, Grand Emperor of the Viridian Beacon (Part 1): If and when my gaming group resumes our Weird Pulp campaign, I’m going to need a pyramid map. This one over at Dyson’s Dodecahedron could do nicely. It includes a cutaway view of the structure as well as gridded and un-gridded versions of the interior ground level map. As always, it’s a beautiful map.

How Would You Design For Spelljammer?: This thread at En World asks folks how they’d approach designing a 5th Edition version of TSR’s Spelljammer campaign setting. It’s of particular interest to me given my work (albeit slow work) on my Spellcrash setting.

I Found My Mapping Program – Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator Tenkar’s Tavern went looking for a mapping program for use in role-playing game adventures. The one he chose — Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator is user-friendly, cheap ($7 on Steam), works on multiple operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux), lets you re-use art assets in commercial work.

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A shot of the Star Trek CCG card layout from the rulebook hosted on Starship Excelsior. Credit: Starship Excelsior

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