Jazz (and Kids) at the Cosmic Cup

The Cosmic Cup had live jazz tonight (with my boss on drums, so I stopped by with the kids for coffee, hazelnut chocalate gelato, and good music. We didn’t stay long — StarGirl was tired after a big day at preschool — but the kids seemed to enjoy it, and it was a great break from … Read more

The Geek Dad’s Guide to Doing Family Laundry

I do a lot of our household laundry, perhaps even the lion’s share of the laundry. But my approach to doing laundry hasn’t always been the most … enlightened. All of the tips on this list are fairly obvious, and yes, I’ve made each and every one of these mistakes. 1. Do your wife’s laundry … Read more

Role-Playing Games and Kids

Interested in teaching kids how to play role-playing games? Then check out the article “Role-Playing Games and Kids” by Katrina Middelburg-Creswell on RoleplayingTips.com. She’s a high school teacher and RPG club organizer in the Netherlands, and her two-part article offers tips on how to organize a kid gaming group and then what sorts of games … Read more

The First Step

Luke took his first tentative step yesterday and naturally (Luke being Luke) he did it on the concrete porch outback. ‘Cause you know, that way he can maximize the chance of really hurting himself. He immediately sat back down again, and crawled to his destination, but he definitely took a step.

Of course, everyone says not to compare your kids to each other, but walking — like talking — is one of those milestones you can’t help but compare. Jordan started walking three days before her first birthday, and it seems like Luke’s following a similar trajectory, given that his first birthday is June 14.

Life with NeutronLad: 11 Months

It’s been months since I last wrote about my son NeutronLad, and what an eventful couple of months it’s been! NeutronLad learned to crawl at around 6 months and started pulling himself up shortly there after. Now, at 11 months, he’s starting to “bridge”, moving from one item to another in a precursor to walking. … Read more

10 Tips for Soon-to-Be Geek Dads

Getting ready for a baby is one heck of an adventure. Here are a few of the lessons I learned when preparing for the arrival of my kids. I know I’ve got a few geek dad readers out there; feel free to add your own tips as comments. 1. Figure out your Budget If you … Read more

Rise of the Nintendad

Hat-tip to Joystiq for this Reuters story which notices that hey, parents like to game … and they’re likely to get their kids to game as well. They dub these strange creatures “Nintendads” since many grew up on Nintendo systems and are now happily doling out $250 to buy Nintendo Wiis for their kids (and … Read more

Red-Eyed, Hack-Lunged Geek Dad

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning with your eyes glued shut.

That’s what happened to me this morning as I struggled awake on the sofa bed, annoyed at a certain yellow Labrador who was trying to push me off the mattress so she could have more room to spread out.

My eyes were crusted together, which is a lovely indicator of Pink Eye, or a Pink-Eye-like condition. And the said thing is … that’s an improvement. The last week has seen me sidelined by a particularly nasty cold that had me fighting my old nemesis Post-Nasal Drip for three days.

As per normal, I have the kids to thank for this. Both got sick last week, and took Sue down with them. I’d hoped to escape the Week of Hacking Mucus unscathed, but alas, they dragged me down on Monday.

Life with NeutronLad: Four Months

NeutronLad is fourth months old, and if that seems amazing to you, imagine how much it blows our minds. With StarGirl, I was posting updates every month, but with Neutronlad the posts have been far fewer. I think that’s partly because some of the wide-eyed new dad enthusiasm has worn off — the first time … Read more