The Day Before the Night Before Christmas

It’s the 23rd of December, which is a date my four-year-old is having a hard time grasping. She’s mentally willing for Christmas to be here tomorrow and the whole “Christmas Eve” thing just isn’t making sense to her. But she can tolerate Christmas Eve … it’s the Day before the Eve that’s really getting to her.

Visions of sugar plums (and the chocolate covered pretzels she just made with her mom) are most definitely dancing in her head, and she’s having a hard time grasping why we need to clean the house. And why we can’t just flip the time switch and have it be Christmas tomorrow.

She’s getting there. She successfully cleaned up her room, and helped me find all the toys downstairs and put them away, earning her a little quality time playing Nintendogs on the DS. But I know this is only a reprieve — an another hour or two, we’ll have another conversation about Christmas … and how Christmas Eve should really count as Christmas proper…

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