Spawn of the Geek Tree

A small, green artificial tree. A LEGO chicken walker appears next to it as well as several space marine figurines.
The mini version of the Geek Tree. It resides in my office at work. Credit: Ken Newquist.

The Geek Tree has spawned. With my 18-month-old son NeutronLad¬†obsessed with putting almost everything he finds in his mouth, we decided that hanging up my various mini (and easily swallowed) ornaments wasn’t a good idea. At the same time, my parents discovered my old Christmas tree from high school, a 18″ tree that I used to setup in my room.

A string of white lights later, and the Spawn of the Geek Tree was born.

Like the Geek Tree, the mini-Geek Tree is decorated with a variety of science fiction and comic book ornaments (no fantasy ones though — I didn’t have any small enough for this tree; even the hobbits are out of scale). It’s decorated with Hallmark’s miniature Star Trek ornaments (the Enterprise-E, Defiant and Voyager) as well as their Star Wars collection (Imperial AT-AT, TIE Fighter and X-Wing).

It also has a small collection of Ewoks and Jedi Masters (led by Yoda) and a handful of Spiderman figures (and the villains who oppose him, namely Doc Octopus and Green Goblin). Rounding out the tree are a handful of silver-painted Micromachines Star Wars vehicles that my wife got me for my birthday about a decade ago; I added them to the tree using some carefully bent tree hooks.

Battling around its base are a number of red and blue Spartans from the Halo Action Clix game, as well as a LEGO chicken walker. The whole thing is setup in my office at work, and I expect I’ll leave it up until sometime in mid-January.

View a full-size picture of the Spawn of the Geek tree on my Flickr page.

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