“Be Patient: I’m Still Working My Way Up to First Level”

It’s hard to find good geeky clothes for babies — oh, I was able to get a “newbie” onsie for Luke just before he was born, and they do have a few other shirts of note, but it’s telling that they lump their dog clothing in with their kid stuff.

Aside from that, it’s mostly an vast, unending forest of pastel dinosaurs, teddy bears, butterflies and assorted too-cute animals. If you’re lucky you might find a good astronaut or rocket outfit, but those are the exceptions.

And there are definitely no dragons.

So I was happy and excited to see KenzerCo’s new onsie, which has the Knights of the Dinner Table logo and features the phrase “Be Patient: I’m still working my way to first level”. I must get one of these (even if it is done by Cafe Press) and I must not tell Sue about it until it’s too late. For those of you with older kids, fear not — they also have the same text on t-shirts that go up to 4T.

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