The First Step

NeutronLad took his first tentative step yesterday and naturally (NeutronLad beingNeutronLad) he did it on the concrete porch outback. ‘Cause you know, that way he can maximize the chance of really hurting himself. He immediately sat back down again, and crawled to his destination, but he definitely took a step.

Of course, everyone says not to compare your kids to each other, but walking — like talking — is one of those milestones you can’t help but compare. StarGirl started walking three days before her first birthday, and it seems likeNeutronLad’s following a similar trajectory, given that his first birthday is June 14.

Then again, who knows? He could decide to take a break from trying to walk for a while, and get back to it in August or September … though that doesn’t seem likely. He definitely seems interested in walking, it’s the mechanics of getting from Point A to Point B that he’s still trying to figure out.

Hey, that’s my dad!

Another milestone NeutronLad reached yesterday was seeing me walk onto the front porch and realizing “Hey — Daddy is home! And he’ll play with me! Yea!!!”

There’s nothing quite like the “Daddy’s home!” or “Mommy’s home!” dance that young kids put on. Yes, it can occasionally be a little trying when the last thing you want to do after a long day is play with the kids, but most of the time it is invigorating. And it’s great to know that soon I’ll have two kids doing the Happy Kid Dance every night.

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