Sunset at an early spring IronPigs baseball game. The big AAA lights are lit up and the sky is just beginning to fade to black.

Fitness Update, Spring 2016

I’m five months into my exercise regime and it’s going great. Yep, this is an exercise update in which I don’t lament my inability to maintain my exercise program. Instead, I’ll celebrate the fact that the program begun in the depths of winter has continued into the spring.

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"Walkers: Stay to the Inside" is the text that appears on this red indoor running track.

Learning to Run

I’ve started running. Not well. Not quickly. Not for long. But I am running … and slowly making progress (where “progress” is defined as no longer feeling like I’m going to collapse after running for three blocks).

Running was never my thing. My sister’s thing, yes, but never mine. I was more about cycling — I was happy to go on on a meandering 20-mile ride and have fun trying to find my way back home.

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