Blogworthy: Baby Yoda Sleepytime, Unseen Enterprise, Doing Nothing, Electric State, Biohacking, Accidental Neighborhoods, Zeppelin Return, Limelight

A lounge in space. A bar can be seen to the left; tables with seats look out on space on the right

“Go To Sleep Baby Yoda” Perfectly Captures the Torture of Putting a Toddler to Bed: Yeah … it’s pretty much exactly like that. The Unseen Enterprise-D: Forgotten Trek documents the portions of the Next Generation’s Enterprise that we never saw on the show. It’s filled with fan and concept art for areas like the main shuttle bay, the ship’s many … Read more

Summer’s End 2019

Summer 2019 is long over, and so is my summer “to do” list. The list, inspired by similar lists in 2015 and 2017, was meant to focus my scatterbrained self on a few goals for the summer. Stuff that would be fun to accomplish … but didn’t matter much if I didn’t finish. Summer Reading List 2019: My Summer Reading List … Read more

Summertime, June 2019 Edition

In my “One Awesome Summer” post, I talked about my goals for the summer. It’s a big list, and I’ll likely not do everything on it … but I can try. The point of this post is to take a look at those goals and see where I am. As I mentioned back in January, reflection … Read more

To the Couch and Back Again

A view from my morning run.

Three years after I started running, I’m returning to 5K training. Specifically, I’m re-playing Zombies, Run! 5K, which is a couch-to-5K training app that includes — you guessed it — zombies. Zombies, Run! 5K is an 8-week training course meant to take you from a low activity level (the aforementioned couch) to running a 5K. The first … Read more

#BrokenAnkleSaga: One Year Later

An indoor track with the "today's direction" sign.

A year ago I ran out my door, slipped on some snow-covered ice on the street, and broke my right ankle in two places. For good measure, I dislocated it as well. Much of what I had planned for the first half of 2018 went out the window, replaced by surgery to put my ankle … Read more

Jog Geek Jog

My be-sneakered feet resting on a field.

I started running four years ago. I made steady progress over the years culminating with running a respectable 9-minute mile in the Baconfest 5K in November. Then I broke my right ankle, and it all stopped … but perhaps not forever. After six months of healing and physical rehabilitation, I’ve started jogging again, albeit very … Read more

On the Road Again

I’m walking in the morning again. After a many months hiatus brought on by the #BrokenAnkleSaga, I’m once again able to go for walks, albeit modest ones. My morning walks range from .5 to 1.5 miles depending on whether  I’m walking the round-trip 2.6 miles to work. Coupled with baseball practice/games and walking around for … Read more

Swim Geek, Swim

Bright green and blue men's swim trunks lay atop a Labrador-themed beach towel.

After more than two restless months without serious exercise thanks to my broken (but now healing) ankle, I’m back at the gym. Or rather, the pool. The doctor and physical therapist cleared me to swim and I wasted no time getting back to the pool. Since clearing me, I’ve swum almost every day Yeah, I’m … Read more

Getting Ready to Walk

A man's shadow on a sidewalk

You wouldn’t think something so simple would be so hard, but break your ankle and then wrap your foot in a cast/boot for two months and you’ll find walking becomes a difficult, half-remembered skill to be remastered. I’m two weeks into physical therapy and I’m making good progress. During that time we’ve been working on … Read more