Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

A woman sits on a pile of debris, a gun raised in her left hand while the sun sets behind her. Crumbling buildings appear to the left and right.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a bad movie. It is a terrible, ridiculous, over-the-top, spectacularly bad movie … and that’s why I loved it. Look, let’s be clear — there are no good Resident Evil movies. They’re all bad in one way or another, but after Resident Evil: Extinction (the third one) they fully-embraced … Read more

Geeky Lorem Ipsum Text

A collection of Dr. Who heads, each of which can be used to create geeky lorem ipsum text.

After 11 days of writing, and a ridiculously long and difficulty week, I was sorely tempted to make a blog post that was nothing but geeky lorem ipsum text.

And then I thought … hey, I could do a blog post about lorem ipsum text. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, lorem ipsum is Latin text used by designers, web developers, and others when they want people to focus on the layout of a page rather than on the contents of the page.

Scaring up Zombie RPGs

The release of the trailer for World War Z inspired me to read the book of the same name before the film’s version could burn its way into my brain. It was well worth it; the book’s a fantastic read that provides a wide-ranging, highly personal view of the Zombie Apocolypse. It also inspired me to see what the current state of Zombie RPGs is for a possible Knights of the Dinner Table column.

The Undead Rise to Rule the World in All Flesh Must Be Eaten

The restless dead have risen from their graves. Whether because of interstellar radiation, comet debris, toxic pollution, alien microbes, animated corpses are attacking intent on slaying (at best) or devouring (at worst) the living. And some how, some way, the heroes of All Flesh Must Be Eaten have to find a way to live another … Read more