Game Day: Infinity Storm Retrospective

Infinity Storm, my Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition campaign, ran from mid-2007 through early 2008. Featuring eight issues (aka episodes), it’s notable for being the first superheroes game I ever ran and featuring the first in-character blog I ever wrote. A dozen years later, the campaign still stays with me, despite its relatively short run. Two things stand out: … Read more

What surprised me about the New Mutants trailer

Teenagers prepare to confront ... something ... as they look outward from this photo.

A new trailer for Fox’s The New Mutants dropped this week, giving us glimpses of all of its major characters and a little more insight into its horror-movie-in-an-asylum premise. What surprised me most about this trailer wasn’t the horror premise: I knew about that already, and it fits with the Demon Bear saga (one of the early New … Read more