Radio Active #65: Escaping to the Ballpark

On this episode of Radio Active, StarGirl loses her first tooth, but finds Narnia with the Magician’s Nephew, baseball season gets underway as I discover the wonders of DVRing games and having a new AAA baseball team in the Lehigh Valley, Nuketown’s comment section explodes with conversation, and gaming advocacy gets a new voice with the … Read more

Radio Active #64: Opening New Portals to Geek Parenting

This episode of Nuketown Radio Active is brought to you by the letter F. Also, StarGirl turns five, we buy a car-camping tent, Nuketown gets upgrades to its anti-spam capabilities, Critical Hits blogs about the life of RPG gamers, Reaper announces modern day miniatures, and the MacMommy figures out how to balance teaching, technology, and raising … Read more

Radio Active #61: Leopard, 4th Edition, Secret Lairs, Google Code, Kobold Quarterly

Radio Active returns to its somewhat regular schedule as I talk about family visits, getting more sleep, hacking Moodle and trying out Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. In Netheads, I talk about getting a sneak peak at D&D 4th Edition through already-released products like the Book of Nine Swords, discover a new Secret Lair for … Read more

Radio Active 59: Novel Update, Seeds of Destruction, NanoMonkeys, Invincible Super Blog

On this edition of Nuketown Radio Active, I update folks on my quest to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, check out a new LEGO Chess set, debate what to call a hybrid unicorn/pegasus. In Netheads I talk about Chris’s Invincible Super Blog, a blog featuring capsule reviews of current and classic comic … Read more

Radio Active #58: Chess for Kids, Geek Dads, D&D 4E

On this episode of Radio Active, I discuss my daughter StarGirl’s sudden desire to learn chess and my approach to teaching her, contemplate the impending arrival of National Novel Writing Month, check out the Geek Dad Podcast and Simian Farmer blog and offer some thoughts on the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Getting the Show … Read more

Radio Active #57: NaNoWriMo, Kit Bag, Crisis on Finite Macs, Unquiet Desperation, Halo 3

On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I become an uncle again, contemplate a Crisis on Finite Macs, geek out about Halo 3, look ahead to National Novel Writing Month, listen to the Unquiet Desperation podcast. I also check out the geeky Secret Agent internet radio station and consider the merits of a geek dad … Read more

Radio Active #56: Facebook, Morphing Toddlers, Heroic Cthulhu

On this edition of Radio Active, Nuketown ventures into Facebook, the epic MacQuest gets an update (and the nifty new/old iPod nano arrives) and Halo 3 looms like a shadow over all that we do. We’ve got Mighty Morphing Toddlers as NeutronLad walks and talks like never before, and StarGirls delves deep into Princess Star Wars. Netheads … Read more