Radio Active #63: Geek Survival in the Drupal-Haunted Wilds of New England

In this show I talk about my trip to the DrupalCon Boston geekfest, spend a few days playing in the snowy wilds of New Hampshire, my wife Sue starts a blog of her own for Red-Tail Designs.

Meanwhile, in Netheads, I find out what it takes to survive Giant Robot attacks and live with a Pokeman addiction by listening to the Geek Survival Guide, and meet some fellow gamers who have similar apprehensions about D&D 4th edition with the 3.5 Private Sanctuary podcast. Finally, I find out how to get some great new gamer bling thanks to the blog of the same name.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • DrupalCon Boston
      • Amazing what you can do with Drupal. An overhaul of Nuketown is definitely in my near future.
      • Particularly impressed by how well it scales. Used by DC Comics (for Zuba venture), Lifetime, New York Observer, Onion, SpreadFirefox, etc.
      • All my Drupal posts:
    • A Taste of Real Winter

      • Headed up to New Hampshire before the show to visit my sister. Had a blast hanging out with her, her husband, my two-year-old niece and my 4-month old nephew (who feels more like an 8-month-old).
      • Jordan and I got to play in real snow — 8 inches fell while we were there.
      • In addition to setting up some fun sledding runs, the family got to try sugar on snow, in which you boil maple syrup and pour it over snow.

      My Wife Blogs!

    • Mac Sleep Pain
      • Steve at WickedGood podcast sent me a link to a preference pane for Mac OS X that allows you to control your MacBook’s sleep preferences. I haven’t tried it out yet though.
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  • Netheads
      • 3.5 Private Sanctuary
        • 3.5 Private Sanctuary is the online resource for Dungeons & Dragons gamers that will continue to play 3.5 edition of the rules. Hosted by Ryan Costello, Jr and Jason Dubsky.
      • Geek Survival Guide

        • Geek Survival Guide seeks to point you to the best information to keep you and your loved ones alive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
      • Gamer Bling

        • This blog coverts the tools of the gaming trade, from specialty dice to fortified GM screens. Great for when you’re looking for something different to surprise your players with.
  • Promo: The Secret Lair Podcast
  • Outro
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