Radio Active #57: NaNoWriMo, Kit Bag, Crisis on Finite Macs, Unquiet Desperation, Halo 3

Radio Active PodcastOn this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I become an uncle again, contemplate a Crisis on Finite Macs, geek out about Halo 3, look ahead to National Novel Writing Month, listen to the Unquiet Desperation podcast.

I also check out the geeky Secret Agent internet radio station and consider the merits of a geek dad kit bag.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • The MacBook Pro is here! And it rocks!
    • And now … the challenge. I’ve got stuff scattered between my PowerMac, the “life boat” archive I got off my iBook before it died, some misc. writing files on my work computer and another “life boat” from my old Windows machine and my .Mac documents folder.
    • Need to get these collapsed down to a single Mac, or maybe one computer and the .Mac web site. Really makes me look forward to Leopard and its improve sync with .Mac.
    • 50,000 words in 30 days. About 1,700 words a day. And I’m going to do it. Taking a week off and will spend days writing rather than working day job (and got Sue’s support to do it).
    • Finally here. Eager to lose myself in the campaign and multiplayer, but isn’t going all that well. Luke’s been sick, Sue’s been on vacation, and multiplayer doesn’t like me much.
    • Crisis on Fine Macs
    • National Novel Writing Month
    • Halo 3
  • Promo: Role Monkeys Podcast
  • Netheads
    • Chris Miller’s (Round Table, Podiobooks)  podcast companion to his blog.
    • “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Where’s the fun in that?”
    • Music, short essays, conversations on religion — just the mix you need some days.
    • Unquiet Desperation: The Podcast Returns
    • Soma FM: Secret Agent
    • H is for Han Shot First
  • Promo: Master Plan Podcast
  • Feature: The Geek Dad Kit Bag
    • Two diapers
    • Wipes container.
    • Snack cup with Cheerios
    • Small toy for Luke
    • Keys & wallet.
    • 30 GB iPod (loaded with Star Wars / Superman soundtracks for kids, podcasts for me)
    • 1 book (presently Spirit of the Century)
    • 1 small notebook (with pen/pencil)
    • 1 pocketknife.
    • First heard about the idea of a “kit bag” through the Dire Café. Since then, I’ve heard about it in a couple of other blogs and sites, usually places where geekdom and life hacking collide.
    • Basic idea is a bag that has all your “stuff” in it, but not just junk; stuff you really need. Could call it a man purse, but it’s different from a purse in that a true kit bag (at least from geek/lifehack perspective) is that you actually think about what you put in it.
    • Started thinking about it when I realized how much I was shoving into my pockets (cell phone, wallet, iPod). And jealous of how my wife could get buy with just two diapers and a wipes case in her purse, and I had to take the diaper bag everywhere.
    • Decided to start experimenting after getting cheap cloth satchel bag at Portal conference at Gettysburg College.
    • Now when I go out, I take my kit bag, which contains:
    • If we’re going to the coffee shop, expect a comic book or Nintendo DS for Jordan and a sippy cup with milk for Luke.
  • Promo: Canon Puncture Podcast
  • Outro
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