Early NeoOffice Foibles

My first few days on NeoOffice haven’t turned up any major problems, but I have encountered a couple of foibles. Most of these are personal preferences, but I think most heavy Word users while find them to be similarly annoying

  • Bullets: Word had me spoiled; simply typing an asterisk before a sentence and hitting return let me start a bulleted list. By default, it doesn’t do this. You can get it to do something like that by turning on “Format > AutoFormat > While Typing.” This turns the asterisks into bullets, but a) they’re not standard bullets (like you get from the regular bulleted list, and b) it doesn’t indent them like a regular list.
  • Hyperlinks: NeoOffice won’t automatically hyperlink web addresses unless you turn on “While Typing” auto-formatting (as explained above). There’s also no hotkey to add or edit hyperlinks and when you do add a hyperlink manually via the file menu, the process is exceedingly slow.
  • New documents: I’m sure this something that’s limited to NeoOffice, but there’s No hotkey for launching new “Text Document” when all the other windows are closed.
  • Dreamweaver: I don’t know whether to blame NeoOffice or Dreamweaver, but when I cut and paste text from the former to the latter, all the formatting is lost.
  • XHTML Output: No configurable options for XHTML output — I want vanilla XHTML output, no stinking styles! (also issue with Word, but I expected better here).
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