TrollLord announces Lost City of Gaxmoor

Troll Lord Games sent us a press release today announcing that it’s d20 Adventure Setting “The Lost City of Gaxmoor” by Ernie and Luke Gygax is now available for immediate shipment from Wizards Attic (Troll Lord Games). The Lost City beckons braves adventurers to explore its ruins and crypts, and to vanquish the chaos and … Read more

The Greying of the Game

It’s a conversation I’ve heard repeated around the net and in gaming stores: gamers are getting old. Oh we’re not quite ready to be put on oxygen with 24-hour nurses, but our demographics are shifting ever-upward. Instead of being 12-year-old geeks who worried about getting their books dumped or what that cute girl down the … Read more

All’s Fair in SimLove and SimWar in The Sims

The Sims is a strangely compelling simulation game that lets players micromanage someone else’s life. It’s made by Maxis, the same folks that created the legendary SimCity games, as well as the less legendary SimEarth, SimAnt and pretty much anything else that begins with “Sim”. Those games were largely macroscopic in scope, giving players control … Read more

Organizing Your Campaign Online, Part II: Alternatives

Organizing your campaign online is easy, especially using Yahoo! Groups, a free online discussion board offered as part of the Yahoo! search engine. But for those who don’t want to use Groups — perhaps because of Yahoo’s notorious terms-of-use contracts (Yahoo’s terms of use includes language that leads some to believe that the company is … Read more

Organizing Your Campaign Online, Part I

Life is hell on gaming. My Dungeons and Dragons campaign’s been running for about five years. I’ve got about 10 active players ranging in age from early 20s to early 30s. Most have girlfriends. About half are married. A few have kids. A few are thinking about kids. All have day jobs and horde free-time … Read more