DC Hypertime HeroClix Whomps the Competition

DC HeroClix: Hypertime builds on WizKids Games’ success with Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge, adding some of the biggest names in the DC universe to the game’s superhero fray. As with Marvel HeroClix (read my review of the initial release in Science Fiction Weekly¬†(Internet Archive), DC HeroClix is a miniatures based game played on one of … Read more

Wizards Delivers The Real Star Wars RPG

Wizards of the Coast’s original Star Wars¬†role-playing game was launched along side The Phantom Menace in 1999 and was caught up in the hype storm surrounding the first wholly-new serial in nearly 20 years. Like the movie, the game wasn’t everything that fans had hoped for or wanted. The game — based on the same … Read more

Civilization III Disappoints the Faithful

Civilization III sucks. There … I’ve said it. It took me months, but I finally said it. I feel much better now. I’m a big fan of the Civilization series, starting with the original computer game back in college (around about 1993). Its sequel, Civilization II. represents a pinnacle in empire-building games, in which players … Read more