202 lbs: The GenCon 6

So that plan I had for GenCon to hit the gym every morning before my games started? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. Combined with 11 days of family vacation including lots of good food, but not a lot of hard exercise, GenCon saw me gain six pounds.

Steady at 196

It’s been a crazy summer, with a major project that threatens to consume all my working hours, and myriad home improvement headaches around the house that have been eating at my free time (thus the lack of posts around here last week). The good news is that unlike a similar crush back in the spring, … Read more

197 lbs.: Breaking the 200 Barrier

For the first time in years — actually, probably a decade — I weigh less than 200 lbs. I wish I could say some great feat of willpower brought me to this point, but it was more likely the nasty hacking cough and sinus infection that I’ve been fighting for the last two-to-three weeks that … Read more

Work Ethic vs. Workouts

It’s been a tough two weeks, with a lot of long hours at work, which caused me to fall back on my old bad habits … namely skipping lunch (or rather, eating at my desk) and not exercising. The excuses are legion — working too late, exhausted from wrangling the kids into bed, tired from … Read more

201 lbs.: Back to the Future

I had the oddest sensation last week. I felt like myself. Like my old self. Like I was in college. No, I’m not nearly as spry at 35 as I was at 22, but my waistline is now nearly the same, and it’s the strangest sensation to “remember” how it felt to sit in a … Read more

206 lbs: Upticking Redux

I gained two pounds over last week, primarily because I only went to the gym once or twice last week, and drank way too much soda (mostly on Game Day and the kids not being around on said Game Day, so I could play video games until 4 a.m. after the guys left at midnight). … Read more

Battlestar at the Gym

I swore I’d never do it. I said it was pointless, watching video on an iPod at the gym. The screen’s too small, the iPod’s too far away, and there’s plenty of better stuff to listen to that doesn’t risk the iPod going flying across the gym after an inadvertent tug of the earphones sends … Read more

210 lbs: Upticking

I didn’t hit the gym nearly as much as I needed to in December and early January, but the good news is that despite eating quite a lot of good food during the holidays, I only gained about two pounds. I’m holding steady at 210 right now, but I’m hoping to start making downward progress … Read more

208 lbs: Down with the Sickness

I spent the last week coughing and hacking (and taking care of equally sick kids) instead of going to the gym. The upside to all the phlegm though is that I didn’t have much of an appetite, and as usually happens when I’m sick, I lost some weight. In fact, I’m now down to 208 … Read more

212 lbs: A Dozen Pounds Gone

Slow and steady wins the race, or so they tell me. I’m at 212 lbs now, down from a starting weight of 224. The promised land of wearing pants 36 waist has been reached, though my old 36 jeans remain a little tight. I expect they’ll be just fine once I hit 208.