Get Fit, Get Inspired with the GutCheckCast

As more geeks begin contemplating middle age, it seems more of us are also thinking of doing something about our expanding waistlines. The hosts of the GutCheckCast are looking to do exactly that.

In episode #0, Doug Rapson (Geek Acres) and Zach Ricks (Geek Survival Guide) layout their goals for this project: each wants to get fit, lose weight, and use their new weekly netcast (and the combined willpower of the Podosphere and Twitterati) to do it. They also talk about their current exercise regimes — Doug’s lunch time walks and Dance Dance Revolution, Zach’s Couch to 5K experiment — and their hopes to lose weight without doing a radical overhaul of their diets.

I wish them the best of luck; getting fit’s a hard thing to do, but I think both of them are up to the challenge. I’ve already fought my own weight-loss battles (chronicled here on Nuketown) and I’m planning on fighting another skirmish this spring in an attempt to get my own weight back under 200. I’m looking to these guys for inspiration, and plan on giving them some in return.

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