210 lbs: Upticking

I didn’t hit the gym nearly as much as I needed to in December and early January, but the good news is that despite eating quite a lot of good food during the holidays, I only gained about two pounds. I’m holding steady at 210 right now, but I’m hoping to start making downward progress again once the start-of-semester crush is over at the day job.

My new 30 GB, video-capable iPod is kicking ass at the gym — no more half-heard audio, no more not syncing my podcasts for a month at a time. I really need some sort of case to hold, but for now it works just fine in my short’s pocket. I haven’t — and won’t — watch video on the iPod while I’m at the gym. For one, I don’t like watching TV while I work out, and for another the screen’s just too small if I place the iPod on bike or elliptical book rack. Besides, I’m horribly behind on both audio books and podcasts, and watching video would only make things worse.

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