The Libertarian Gamer: Superheroes!

Atlas stood crouched on the launch pad, his arms holding up the bulky form of a $250 million, 1.5 ton communications satellite. He shifted the weight easily, adjusting his grip on the titanium handholds mounted on the satellite’s protective shroud, then spoke softly into his headset. “Launch Control, this is Atlas. Ready for orbital insertion.” … Read more

Searching for Libertarian Science Fiction

In an upcoming edition of Nuketown, I plan to do a feature on libertarian science fiction, including an overview of sub-genre, essays on libertarian SF and short reviews of books, movies and television series. I also want to include links to similar resources on other web sites — if it deals with SF and classical … Read more

Acquiring Acquire

Acquire isĀ one of those board game’s that I’ve heard about for years, but never got around to playing. The basic idea is to transform small start-up companies into massive conglomerates. Players have the opportunity to buy stocks, which can earn them cash if their companies grow, and must constantly work to develop their companies while … Read more

Miss Liberty Reviews the Best in Libertarian Film and Television

The vast wasteland that is modern television is filled with the dredges of the worst ideologies, the sort of collectivist, socialist drivel that’s torpedoes plenty of good ideas and made bad ones even more unwatchable.
Fortunately, there’s a guide that picks out the diamonds glinting among the drudgery: Miss Liberty’s Film and TV World.