Searching for Libertarian Science Fiction

In an upcoming edition of Nuketown, I plan to do a feature on libertarian science fiction, including an overview of sub-genre, essays on libertarian SF and short reviews of books, movies and television series.

I also want to include links to similar resources on other web sites — if it deals with SF and classical liberal thought, I want to link to it. And that’s where you come in dear reader. I’ve already begun searching for such resources on the Web, but it’s a long and difficult process, and I’m sure to miss some real gems in the process.

If you know of a page that I might be interested in, please e-mail it to me at It doesn’t have to be exclusively science fiction either — I’m also interested in horror and fantasy with libertarian themes (I won’t use them in this particular feature, but I may do additional features for those genres in the future).

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