The Libertarian Gamer: Superheroes!

Atlas stood crouched on the launch pad, his arms holding up the bulky form of a $250 million, 1.5 ton communications satellite. He shifted the weight easily, adjusting his grip on the titanium handholds mounted on the satellite’s protective shroud, then spoke softly into his headset. “Launch Control, this is Atlas. Ready for orbital insertion.” … Read more

Infinity Storm #0: A Morning Like Any Other

We had our first Mutants & Masterminds game Friday night (as described in Friday’s Game Day column), and it went very, very well. You can read my Issue #0 write-up on Infinity Storm. The four-to-six months it took for us to playtest and create characters (averaging about one test/building session a month) really paid off … Read more

Game Day: Mutants & Masterminds, Freedom Blogs, Infinity Storm

After much discussion, a half-dozen character building and playtest sessions, four source books and two blogs, my first-ever superhero campaign is launching tonight.  Titled Infinity Storm, the campaign uses Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds d20 superhero system as well as the companies Freedom City campaign setting. It will be run Dark City-style, with action quickly … Read more