Ornament-a-Day 2019: Golden Enterprise NCC-1701

A gold-covered version of the Enterprise starship

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of the Golden Enterprise NCC-1701 when I got it. The 50th-anniversary ornament features the original Enterprise (no stinking A, no stinking B, no stinking C, no stinking D) … with a gold finish. On the one hand, it’s undeniably garish and gaudy. On the other hand … it’s a freaking golden Enterprise! … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: Iron Patriot

A close up view of the red, white, and blue Iron Man armor.

Surprisingly, there’s no Iron Man ornament on the Geek Tree. Despite being one of the lynchpins of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the closest I get to him is the Iron Patriot, the re-themed War Machine armor (painted red, white, and blue) from Iron Man 3. Today’s Ornament-a-Day entry features the armor in a flying action pose, and it adds a … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: Klingon Bird of Prey

A close-up view of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey

While the Geek Tree is dominated by Federation starships, I do have a handful of vessels from other factions. The first of these is my somewhat battered Klingon Bird of Prey, today’s Ornament-a-Day entry. It’s a string-powered ornament, with its forward photon torpedo launcher flashing yellow, two glowing red under panels (I’m sure there’s a technical readout that would … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

A side-view of the starship Enterprise 1701-D

The Geek Tree could easily be the “Star Trek” tree. Starships from the franchise’s television and cinematic runs dominate the tree, augmented by the occasional character-focused ornament. The first Star Trek ornament – and the one most sought by collectors like myself – is the 1991 version of the Enterprise. Released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Star … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Day 8 of Ornament-a-Day 2019 is dedicated to everyone’s favorite heavily-armed trash panda and his flora colossus sidekick. My family is big fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, so when this Infinity War-inspired ornament featuring the duo picking it up for the Geek Tree was a no-brainer. It’s an unpowered ornament featuring teenager Groot, carrying a big gun, and … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: The Flying DeLorean

Star Wars and Star Trek dominated the early days of the Geek Tree, because those were the only ornaments that Hallmark and others were making. Thankfully, the rise of geek culture – and nostalgia for the 80s – led to a proliferation of other ornaments. The flying DeLorean from Back to the Future, Part II is one of them. … Read more

Ornament-a-Day: Ellen Ripley vs. Alien Queen

Alien (1977) and Aliens (1986) are two of my favorite science fiction movies. I never expected any characters or monsters from the films to be rendered in ornament form, so I was pleasantly surprised in 2014 when Hallmark released the original xenomorph. The creature is crouched down and ready to strike, and I like to nestle it among the … Read more

Ornament-a-Day: C-3PO and R2-D2 … with porgs!

I have mixed fillings about Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Visually, it’s a beautiful film with some of the best sequences we’ve ever seen in Star Wars (I’m thinking specifically of the desperate hyperspace jump that slew the First Order’s flagship. On the other hand, the narrative flowed unevenly, it seemed to disregard much of what came … Read more

Ornament-a-Day: Boba Fett

The Mandalorian is all the rage right now, and rightly so. It’s an excellent series that pays homage to the lore of the Expanded Universe and delivers a show that’s loyal to the look, feel, and themes of Star Wars. Of course, it all began with one of Star Wars’ most enigmatic characters (and Day 4’s featured ornament): … Read more

Ornament-a-Day 2019: Gungan Submarine

Released in 2000, the Gungan Submarine was the follow-up to 1999’s Naboo Starfighter.  The submarine appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace during Qui-Gon and Obi-wan’s journey through the watery core of Naboo. It’s a powered ornament, with its cockpit, biomechanical tale, and underbelly light illuminated. It doesn’t play any sounds. It’s also the … Read more