Ornament-a-Day: C-3PO and R2-D2 … with porgs!

I have mixed fillings about Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Visually, it’s a beautiful film with some of the best sequences we’ve ever seen in Star Wars (I’m thinking specifically of the desperate hyperspace jump that slew the First Order’s flagship. On the other hand, the narrative flowed unevenly, it seemed to disregard much of what came before it, and – if I’m honest – I’d hoped for less grumpy and nobler Luke Skywalker (though he did get there in the end, didn’t he?). I also found the side quest to the gambling planet to be an odd diversion, but I enjoyed seeing Rey and the rest of the next-generation Resistance back in action.

Surprisingly, one of the things the film had going for it was the porgs. While some were concerned that the flightless fowl might be the next Ewoks (though personally, I like the vicious-but-goofy teddy bears), they ended up providing some necessary comic relief.

Today’s entry for Ornament-a-Day features “R2-D2 Porgs of a Feather”. It’s an unpowered ornament featuring R2-D2 with Skywalker’s avian companions. He’s joined by his more traditional companion, C-3PO (the original trilogy version, not the one from The Last Jedi). As with this version of R2-D2, 3PO is an unpowered ornament.

As I mentioned in the Naboo Starfighter entry, ornaments like C-3PO play an important role as reflectors on the Geek Tree. Without the droid’s shiny exterior, the Geek Tree would be a little dimmer.

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