RPG Video Shows, Streams & Resources

Three adventurers walk through a brown-and-orange colored canyon.

Live video streams and vidcasts are the big thing in role-playing games right now. Combined with the throwback Netflix series Stranger Things and the 80s-infused gamer novel Ready Player One the shows have helped produce a resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs. Unfortunately aside from Tabletop (which is more of a board game … Read more

Announcing Monster Week 2015

Men and women run in terror from a diner being devoured by The Blob.

Jaws, one of my favorite creature features, returned to theaters for a one-night-only screening on June 21st to honor its 40th anniversary. I was there, and as I watched one of my favorite movies in the company of a few other Jaws lovers, it got me thinking about having another ofNuketown’s Monster Weeks. There have … Read more

On Colds, Insomnia, and Green Arrow

It’s the night before the night before Christmas … and I have a cold. It seems to be a fast moving cold — it hit me yesterday afternoon, and made last night miserable, but today I’m half human and I expect to return to the species full tomorrow. The cold meant I crashed on the … Read more

Wanderers – A Short SF Film

Explorers jump from cliffs on a moon of Uranus. The blue gas giant rises in the background.

We are trapped on Earth. It’s something I felt keenly as a kid, which is why the destruction of Challenger, and then Columbia, hit me so hard. Hell, I still tear up just thinking about January 28, 1986, but neither tragedy changed my mind about the importance of space exploration and colonization.

B-movie villainy rules Anaconda

The yellow eyes of a snake stare out of the darkness.

There are certain animals that simply creep people out. Endless documentaries on the Discovery Channel and PBS have shown us that sharks, spiders, and snakes are misunderstood creatures, but that doesn’t stop up from secretly worrying about being strangled in our sleep by giant reptiles. Anaconda (1997) exploits those fears with a film that pits … Read more

Don’t Uncover The Relic

The words "The Relic" written over a distorted, screaming red face. The face appears over a black background.

The Relic is a Alien-rip off creature feature with delusions of scientific authenticity, unlikeable characters, and an underwhelming monster. Its appearance on Netflix streaming may tempt you to watch it, but you’re better of watching one of the many Tremors sequels available on the service. The Relic (1997) was one of the many creature feature … Read more