A bridge stands between a giant robot and his giant monster opponent.

Monster Week 2013

Monster Week 2013 is here! In honor of the giant robot-vs.-giant monster smashfest Pacific Rim, Nuketown will be reviewing creature features all this week. We’re starting with, Pacific Rim itself and then moving on to a mix of great, not-so-great, and downright awful monster films.

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A pyramid of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with blue grids. Some of the cupcakes have lightcycles and other items from Tron on them.

Tron: Cupcakes

 Tron CupcakesLast week my wife surprised me with a Tron-inspired birthday party (my birthday’s December 17, the same day that Tron: Legacy was released). As part of that, she asked the good folks at Cupcake Ladies to create Tron cup cakes.

Which they did. The photo at left was taken by my friend Jason Alley (view the full-size photo on Flickr) and yes, the cupcakes did taste as good as they look.

The cupcakes made my day, and were the perfect prelude to heading to King of Prussia to watch Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D with my friends. It was a good movie — I describe it as pure, distilled 1980s wrapped in glass. My 12-year-old self loved the film. My 39-year-old self was happily distracted by the beer sampler I drank at Rock Bottom Brewery before the movie.

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