Future Noir at Lafayette College

This is why I love living down the street from a college (and heck, working at one for that matter). Lafayette College, in Easton, Pa. is holding — of all things — a dark future film festival and art exhibition. Called “Future Noir”, the show opened June 8. The art component of the exhibition is … Read more

The Lost Worlds of Stargate SG-1

Stargate isĀ one of those long-running science fiction series that I’ve never been able to watch. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that its syndicated life — and its new SCI-FI Channel one — don’t match up with my own schedule very well. It tends to air at odd times on Saturdays and … Read more

Spider-Man Swings To The Top

Believe the hype. Spider-man is a solid superhero movie that deserves the skyscraping profits its earned since it’s opening weekend. Geeks know the story: Peter Parker is a nerd and borderline genius who gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and thus gains arachnid like super-human powers, including great strength, the ability to climb walls, and … Read more

Miss Liberty Reviews the Best in Libertarian Film and Television

The vast wasteland that is modern television is filled with the dredges of the worst ideologies, the sort of collectivist, socialist drivel that’s torpedoes plenty of good ideas and made bad ones even more unwatchable.
Fortunately, there’s a guide that picks out the diamonds glinting among the drudgery: Miss Liberty’s Film and TV World.