D&D Film Festival

Movie geeks can film their way to cinematic glory with the first-ever Dungeons & Dragons Fan Film Contest. The film contest is seeking 5-minute video segments dealing with D&D, with the winner receiving video editing equipment, a computer and a boatload of D&D stuff. The deadline is September 1, 2006, which is unfortunate given that … Read more

Getting Past a Fear of Girls

A short film, Fear of Girls — about two stereotypical uber gamers — is circulating around the geek community. The ten-minute film tells the tale of two “advanced” gamers who are a cut about your normal geeks, which means they do stuff that would freak out regular gamers, like role-playing sex or dressing up in … Read more

Spoon? (or Where Are My Tick DVDs?!)

Watching The Incredibles reminded me of the The Tick cartoon, which aired on Saturday mornings in the early 1990s and was a staple of my college years. Unfortunately, while the wretched live-action The Tick is out on DVD, the animated series is languishing on VHS. The original series was cancelled after three seasons on Fox … Read more

Donning the MirrorMask

Back when I was a freshmen in high school, scrambling to class while clutching my Dungeons & Dragons rule books closely to my chest, one of my favorite movies was Labyrinth. In an era long before Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia had been filmed, in which the fantasy also-rans Willow and … Read more

That’s Not the Dirk Pitt I Know

I looking through the various movie trailers on Apple.com, and saw one called Sahara. I was slightly intrigued, since Clive Cussler had written a Dirk Pitt novel with the same name. I devoured Cussler’s nautical adventure books as a kid–I read Raise the Titanic when I was in 5th grade, and didn’t stop reading his … Read more

Harsh Mistress Coming to Theatres?

SCI-FI.com is reporting that Tim Minear has been hired to do the screenplay adaptation for Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. That’s excellent news — the novel’s been in limbo for forever and a day. The weird thing is how SCI-FI describes the book: “The novel deals with a 2076 rebellion on a former penal colony on the moon and has been read as an allegory about libertarianism and its costs.”

The Battlestar Galactica Blog

News of another science fiction blog’s reached my inbox. Michael Kantor has launched a Battlestar Galactica web log called, simply enough, Battlestar Galactica Blog. You can check it out at www.galacticablog.com. Recent topics include “Mormon influences in ‘The Living Legend’”, ” It’s a Human Universe” and “What to do with the Cylon head box?” Michael … Read more

Future Noir at Lafayette College

This is why I love living down the street from a college (and heck, working at one for that matter). Lafayette College, in Easton, Pa. is holding — of all things — a dark future film festival and art exhibition. Called “Future Noir”, the show opened June 8. The art component of the exhibition is … Read more

Miss Liberty Reviews the Best in Libertarian Film and Television

The vast wasteland that is modern television is filled with the dredges of the worst ideologies, the sort of collectivist, socialist drivel that’s torpedoes plenty of good ideas and made bad ones even more unwatchable.
Fortunately, there’s a guide that picks out the diamonds glinting among the drudgery: Miss Liberty’s Film and TV World.