Geek Summer TV, 2011 Edition

This is turning into one geeky summer for television, with five science fiction shows on the air at once — Futurama, Falling Skies, Warehouse 13, Eureka and Alphas — and most of them are actually good!. Join me as I run down the shows and take a look at trailers for their respective seasons. Futurama … Read more

Teaser: Lightning in the Bottle

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a really good live action steampunk movie (or even a bad one for that matter). For all the love of the subgenre within geek circles, it’s never made the jump to mainstream consciousness. Lightning in the Bottle looks to change that (if not winning mass appeal, then at … Read more

The Old Republic trailer: “Hope”

I don’t want to turn Nuketown into all game trailers, all the time, but there have been some really impressive Star Wars trailers out. The latest is “Hope”, Bioware’s follow-up to “Deceived”. This time we’ve got the Sith invasion of Alderaan and the Republic resistance, with commandos battling against lightsaber wielding Sith, their Mandalorian bounty … Read more

Iron Skies Trailer

Iron Skies is a low budget, Finnish comedy about the Nazi invasion of Earth (said space Nazis having fled the planet at the end of World War II, created a base on the moonn, and spent the last few decades plotting their revenge). The trailer looks cool, and it just calls out for a Savage … Read more

Smaug the Magnificent … in candy

The good folks at Miss(ed) Manners have done it again: they’ve recreated one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most epic scenes … in candy. This time around, it’s the conclusion to The Hobbit, featuring the Battle of the Five Armies and the assault on Lake Town by the dragon Smaug. As with their previous creations — The … Read more

V: The Resurrection

V was one of my favorite mini-series as a kid, and not just because it was one of the first times I was allowed to stay up late on a school night. The theme of benevolent oppressors struck a cord with my proto-libertarian self, and I loved the battle for Earth that unfolded over the … Read more

Heroes Will Rise

With the exception to LOST, broadcast TV hasn’t been kind to speculative fiction. Science fiction series died by the bunch last year, with only Invasion surviving long enough to have a full season run … and not being renewed. Before LOST, Fox killed off Firefly, the most promising SF series in years without even trying … Read more

Serenity/Firefly is Mostly Dead

The net is abuzz with Joss Whedon’s proclamation that there will be no Serenity sequel. Except … that’s not quite what he said. He said there’s no movie in the works, and that in follow-up comments said it was unlikely unless a studio asked for it … but that’s a bit different from saying we’ll never see Serenity again.

Personally, I’ve accepted this. Serenity was a good capstone for the series, and while there are still unanswered questions I’d love to see answered (what was the deal with Book anyway? And those blue-handed assassins?) I can live with the fact that I’ve got 13 episodes and one movie to remember the series by.