Explore the D&D Multiverse with the Manual of the Planes

The Manual of the Planes is a cosmological toolbox detailing the heavens, hells and strange places in between for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition role-playing game. Written by Jeff Grubb, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan , the book is heir to two planar traditions: the minimalist 1st edition Manual of … Read more

The Undead Rise to Rule the World in All Flesh Must Be Eaten

The restless dead have risen from their graves. Whether because of interstellar radiation, comet debris, toxic pollution, alien microbes, animated corpses are attacking intent on slaying (at best) or devouring (at worst) the living. And some how, some way, the heroes of All Flesh Must Be Eaten have to find a way to live another … Read more

Waging War Against Unimaginable Terror with Delta Green

The stars are almost right. Alien creatures out of time and mind have infested our world, making dark packs with national governments that trade sanity-rending secrets for a freehand in human experimentation. At the dawn of the 21st century only one force stands against the vast conspiracies ensnaring America: Delta Green.