Topping the Geek Tree

Two years ago, my science fiction ornaments were on the verge of conquering the evergreen-space of our Christmas Tree. Other ornaments — clear-glass bulbs and small brass ornaments we bought when we were in Wind Gap, nostalgic “Christmas of 19xx”[…]

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The Muppets take Tatooine

My daughter hasn’t been watching much TV — at seven months she doesn’t have the attention span for it, and would rather spend her time crawling around chasing dogs, chewing on blocks or hunting for power cords.

She does like the “Baby Genius” videos though, which feature puppets engaged in a bunch of different short films (and I do mean short — we’re talking films custom-made for baby attention spans, with each scene lasting somewhere around 30 seconds).

Given how much she liked the Genius puppets, we thought she might get a kick out of the Muppets, and decided to rent an episode of The Muppet Show from Netflix. They’ve got a bunch of the old shows on DVD, and when I saw they had one with Mark Hamill on it, I knew exactly which one I was renting first.

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