Synthetic Culture

The Elucidator is a quarterly print magazine published in Easton, Pa. It’s the sort of thing that people outside of the town might never expect to be here: a magazine reviewing local culture, life, and arts. It’s “Chew” and “Imbibe” columns check out the Lehigh Valley’s bars and restaurants, while “Listen” reviews a variety of music, and regular photo essays explore life in and around Easton.

Like I said, it’s nothing you’d expect to find here. Unless, of course, you actually lived here.

Easton’s changed a lot over the years, in some ways for the bad (gangs) and many ways for the good (the arts). There’s an established arts community, multiple art galleries, some cool downtown events — including beer, garlic and shad (yes, shad) festivals.

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Nuketown at GenCon 2007

Ken Newquist, Nuketown’s editor, will be at GenCon 2007 from Wednesday, Aug. 15 through Sunday, Aug. 19. This category will be updated with blog posts, game news, photo galleries, twitters, and (hopefully) a podcast during the convention. “GenCon 2007” category[…]

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Debate at the State

Easton’s historic state theatre is hosting a debate featuring four candidates — Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green — for the House of Representatives. The event will be held Thursday, Oct. 14 at the State Theatre on Northampton Street in Easton,[…]

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