Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

A panoramic view of a football stadium packed with people. A band in red, black, and white uniforms performs on the field.

Easton, Pa. is a town of tradition, perhaps no more so than around Thanksgiving. On Turkey Day, Easton plays Phillipsburg, NJ. in one of the country’s longest running football games. It takes place at Lafayette College’s Fisher Field, which is a few blocks from my house in Easton’s College Hill district. The game started in 1905 … Read more

Easton Events in Fall 2017

A large steel railroad bridge crosses a river.

Autumn in Easton, Pa. is packed with weekend events and festivals. The biggest of these is BaconFest, a two-day celebration of all things bacon, but there’s plenty of other stuff going on as well. We’ve got the Riverside Festival of the Arts on September 16 and 17, 2017. The festival celebrates and highlights Easton’s local … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving, Easton Edition

Red-jerseyed high school football players line the sidelines.

High school football is a big deal in Pennsylvania. Thanksgiving Day football is an even bigger deal in Easton, Pa. The annual Easton vs. Phillipsburg, NJ game is the oldest interstate matchup in the nation; the first such game was held in 1906 and it’s been going strong ever since.

Kickstarter: Two Rivers Brewing Company, Easton, Pa.

Two Rivers Brewing in Easton, Pa. has been running a kickstarter for the last month to pay for their new state of the art draft system, which will make sure that their beer is served perfectly. They made their $20,000 goal over the weekend, but there’s still another two days to participate. There are no … Read more

Synthetic Culture

The Elucidator is a quarterly print magazine published in Easton, Pa. It’s the sort of thing that people outside of the town might never expect to be here: a magazine reviewing local culture, life, and arts. It’s “Chew” and “Imbibe” columns check out the Lehigh Valley’s bars and restaurants, while “Listen” reviews a variety of music, and regular photo essays explore life in and around Easton.

Like I said, it’s nothing you’d expect to find here. Unless, of course, you actually lived here.

Easton’s changed a lot over the years, in some ways for the bad (gangs) and many ways for the good (the arts). There’s an established arts community, multiple art galleries, some cool downtown events — including beer, garlic and shad (yes, shad) festivals.

Nuketown at GenCon 2007

Ken Newquist, Nuketown’s editor, will be at GenCon 2007 from Wednesday, Aug. 15 through Sunday, Aug. 19. This category will be updated with blog posts, game news, photo galleries, twitters, and (hopefully) a podcast during the convention. “GenCon 2007” category on Nuketown Ken’s schedule at Nuketown Nuketown on Twitter GenCon 2007 photo gallery on Flickr … Read more

The Easton Flood of 2004

If you are looking for photos of the 2005 flood, please read this entry — The Editor The Delaware River flooded its banks after the remnants of Ivan — combined with another storm — dumped a huge amount of rain on the Lehigh Valley. Sue, Jordan and I walked down town to snap a few … Read more

The Easton Flood of 2005

For the second time in less than a year, the Delaware River has flooded Easton, Pa. While my house is ok — we live in College Hill, which overlooks the Delaware — downtown isn’t nearly so lucky. Last fall, after Hurricane Ivan came through (check out photos of the 2004 flood), the river crested at … Read more

Debate at the State

Easton’s historic state theatre is hosting a debate featuring four candidates — Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green — for the House of Representatives. The event will be held Thursday, Oct. 14 at the State Theatre on Northampton Street in Easton, Pa. It is sponsored by the Express-Times (Easton’s daily newspaper), moderated by State Theatre Executive … Read more

One of the Reasons I Love Easton

Here’s one of the reasons why I love living in Easton, Pa.: ready access to the Delaware River. After all, you can’t have a Labrador and not live near a river … or at least, it’s not quite as much fun. The Delaware River is about a half-mile from my house — a short walk … Read more