One of the Reasons I Love Easton

Here’s one of the reasons why I love living in Easton, Pa.: ready access to the Delaware River.

After all, you can’t have a Labrador and not live near a river … or at least, it’s not quite as much fun.

The Delaware River is about a half-mile from my house — a short walk down a hill — but we usually go to a boatlaunch upstream. It’s a little easier than running up and down the steep embankment that’s closest to our house.

We headed down to the Delaware on Saturday, with StarGirlĀ and Mad Dog in tow, after having stopped at our favorite downtown coffee house (Stilkins) for breakfast.

StarGirlĀ loved splashing around in the river almost as much as Madison did, which is saying something ’cause the Mad Dog was born to swim.

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