After Sandy: Almost Normal Again

We’re almost back to normal after Hurricane Sandy. We got power back Wednesday night, we got our landline, cable, and Internet late Thursday morning, and today the college where I work got power back after being down for most of this week. Easton, Pa. isn’t 100% yet; I have a few friends who still don’t … Read more

RPG Bloggers Launch Time-Devouring Portal

RPG Bloggers Network When Wizards of the Coast decided to kill the ill-fated (and ill-named) Gleemax project before it got out of alpha, a bunch of role-playing game bloggers stood up and said … who needs Gleemax? You want a gamer community … well we’ve got your community right here! Or words to that effect.

They formed the RPG Bloggers Network, which is aggregating the RPG-centric posts from more than 30 gaming blogs including Critical Hits, Musing of a Chatty DM and Uncle Bear.

And yeah, Nuketown is there too.

One of the things I like best about the site is how it aggregates content — it’s pulls in stories into its home page and incorporates a rating mechanic as it does so. I haven’t found a page that aggregates those ratings into a big list, but I imagine that’s coming.

Get a blog to go with that coffee

The Cosmic Cup now has a blog (the Cup being the Easton, Pa. coffee shop I frequent most). Not much there yet except for announcements about music and new coffee (but hey, I’m not complaining, seeing as how I like new music and love new coffee…).

Uncle Bear’s 10th Anniversary

Uncle Bear officially turned 10 years old last week. The venerable ursine is one of the few geek zines/blogs/sites/whatever-we’re-calling-ourselves-now to have survived from the year of Nuketown’s own genesis. Congratulations to Berin, and here’s to another 10 years of geekdom and gaming goodness!

Role-Playing Blogs

I’ve been jumping around the blogosphere for the last few months, doggedly attempting to find good science fiction and libertarian blogs. I’ve found a few, which I’ve posted to Nuketown Links, but in all that time it never occurred to me to try and find blogs for one of my other great interests: role-playing games! … Read more

Speculative Fiction Weblogs

A while back I lamented the lack of speculative fiction Weblogs on the net (or at least, my inability to find them). Fortunately, someone out there heard my cry: Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr, editor and publisher of, who noted that he’d put together a list of scifi blogs on his site. So naturally, I … Read more

Find RPG News With an Attitude at OgreCave

Ogre Cave ( is a multi-person blog offering news and commentary about speculative fiction gaming in its myriad incarnations, from board games to role-playing games to card games. The site’s updated several times a week (and occasionally, several times a day) with short news updates, such as White Wolf Games lawsuit trying to stop Sony’s … Read more

Weird Science

I’ve been listening to some 80s Internet radio stations at work recently (no doubt reaffirming my … eccentric … taste in music with certain individuals in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign) and I’ve been hearing some old classics like “Weird Science”, “She Blinded Me With Science” and “The Future’s So Bright I’ve Got To Wear … Read more