RPG Bloggers Launch Time-Devouring Portal

RPG Bloggers Network When Wizards of the Coast decided to kill the ill-fated (and ill-named) Gleemax project before it got out of alpha, a bunch of role-playing game bloggers stood up and said … who needs Gleemax? You want a gamer community … well we’ve got your community right here! Or words to that effect.

They formed the RPG Bloggers Network, which is aggregating the RPG-centric posts from more than 30 gaming blogs including Critical Hits, Musing of a Chatty DM and Uncle Bear.

And yeah, Nuketown is there too.

One of the things I like best about the site is how it aggregates content — it’s pulls in stories into its home page and incorporates a rating mechanic as it does so. I haven’t found a page that aggregates those ratings into a big list, but I imagine that’s coming.

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Weird Science

I’ve been listening to some 80s Internet radio stations at work recently (no doubt reaffirming my … eccentric … taste in music with certain individuals in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign) and I’ve been hearing some old classics like “Weird[…]

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