RPG Bloggers Launch Time-Devouring Portal

When Wizards of the Coast decided to kill the ill-fated (and ill-named) Gleemax project before it got out of alpha, a bunch of role-playing game bloggers stood up and said … who needs Gleemax? You want a gamer community … well we’ve got your community right here! Or words to that effect.

They formed the RPG Bloggers Network, which is aggregating the RPG-centric posts from more than 30 gaming blogs including Critical Hits, Musing of a Chatty DM and Uncle Bear.

And yeah, Nuketown is there too.

One of the things I like best about the site is how it aggregates content — it’s pulls in stories into its home page and incorporates a rating mechanic as it does so. I haven’t found a page that aggregates those ratings into a big list, but I imagine that’s coming.

More importantly, I love the idea of this informal community coming together. Some of the blogs on the site are ones I recognize and have subscribed to for years, but most are new to me. And when you think of how much time I spend looking for gaming web sites for my Knights of the Dinner Table “Summon Web Scryer” column, that’s really saying something.

What I’m looking forward to most is riffing off each others posts. Even if this doesn’t lead to a huge boost in readership (though I suspect a bunch of blogs will see spikes) it does provide bloggers with a great way of keeping up with (and commenting on) their peers.

You can check out the site at http://rpgbloggers.com

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