Find RPG News With an Attitude at OgreCave

Ogre Cave ( is a multi-person blog offering news and commentary about speculative fiction gaming in its myriad incarnations, from board games to role-playing games to card games.

The site’s updated several times a week (and occasionally, several times a day) with short news updates, such as White Wolf Games lawsuit trying to stop Sony’s werewolf-vs-vampire movie Underworld from being released, Wizards of the Coast’s “spin control” over its decision to add decency standards to the d20 licensing agreement, and a Washington Post article about the resurgence of specialty board games.

Other sites, such as, cover similar territory, and do so with a far greater volume of news. But they don’t have Ogre Cave’s attitude, which tends to take a skeptical, somewhat sardonic view of the constant stream of corporate press releases flowing from gaming manufacturers and adds its own spin to major issues facing gamers, like the aforementioned White Wolf/Sony feud.

The site features occasional game reviews (recent ones included card game Den of Thieves/Rival Den of Thieves, Hightrone by Mongoose Publishing, and X-Bugs by Steve Jackson Games) as well as less frequent interviews with industry players (including Steve Jackson and Sean Reynolds).

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