Speculative Fiction Weblogs

A while back I lamented the lack of speculative fiction Weblogs on the net (or at least, my inability to find them).

Fortunately, someone out there heard my cry: Doyle Eldon Wilmoth, Jr, editor and publisher of SpecFicWorld.com, who noted that he’d put together a list of scifi blogs on his site.

So naturally, I checked it out. Among the blogs listed are Bruce Sterling (of cyberpunk fame … who’s turning off his blog to start a new one for Wired.com ) and William Gibson (also of cyberpunk fame … and also turning off his blog. In his case though, it’s to work on a book.

Neil Gaiman, who wrote the excellent Sandman comic (and a bunch of other stuff, which I’ll admit to not reading) also has a blog. There are a few other blogs as well, but not by anyone I’ve heard of (i.e. Brian Keene, Michale Montoure, Steven Burst) that I’ll nonetheless be checking out.

It’s nice to know that spec-fic writers have a presence in the blogsphere, but I’m still surprised I haven’t found more in the way of blogs, especially for sci-fi. Perhaps it’s a function of the fading popularity of Star Trek and Star Wars — they’re the signature franchises, the ones everyone’s supposed to get excited about … but no one really dose nowadays. Then again, maybe all the would-be bloggers just have better things to do with their time … like play Warcraft.

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