Storm the Galaxy with the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

An armored Sith lord and a woman in brown clothing hold lightsabers aloft.

One of the challenges of running a Star Wars campaign is finding a way to incorporate plenty of Jedi and their Sith nemeses without tearing asunder the canonical Star Wars timeline. The Expanded Universe has helped with this, providing a number of Dark Apprentices to serve as fodder for Jedi who some how escaped Palpatine’s … Read more

Game Day: Bloggers of the Old Republic

Three weeks into our new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign it became obvious: we needed a blog. Or at least, I needed a blog. Even without leaving the Vargis Tau star system and its binary world of Zebulon we’d still managed to accumulate a dozen-odd NPCs, three or four ships, three adventure … Read more

Star Wars: Saga Edition – Annotated Playtest #1

Various scenes from the Star Wars movies cover a game master screen. In front of the screen is a small ceramic statue; behind it are several Star Wars books.

Our Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign kicked off on Friday with our first full-fledged Knights of the Old Republic session. Since my Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Annotated Playtest went over so well  I decided to do the same for this Saga Edition. This one will work a little differently; instead of annotating a single … Read more

Game Day: Dawn on Zebulon

Our first official Star Wars Game Day is upon us. After two weeks of playtesting starship combat, we’re launching into a first-level prelude campaign with about half of our regular players in attendance (the other half having family/work commitments).

Set in the time of the Knights of the Old Republic, the campaign begins on the Outer Rim binary planet of Zebulon in the Vargis Tau system. Zebulon’s comprised of two worlds: the primary, Zebulon Prime, and its sister/moon, Zebulon Beta. The later of these is home to the Jedi academy that will serve as home base for the Jedi in the campaign.

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Game Day: Shopping for a Star Wars KOTOR campaign

Our Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign is kicking off next week. That fact, combined with the timely arrival of a gift certificate to, has me shopping for some last-minute tools and goodies, including game master screens, battle maps, miniatures, soundtracks, and background material in the form of graphic novels and video … Read more

Game Day: Setting up a KOTOR Campaign

An armored Sith lord and a woman in brown clothing hold lightsabers aloft.

As my group’s D&D Dark City campaign winds down, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game is ramping up. This week sees the group off because of a combination of family colds and Celtic Fest (which, given the rainy weekend forecast, will likely result in more colds, but I digress) but we’ve spent … Read more

The Quick and Easy Gaming Path

A few months back, I bought an Xbox, fired it up, and promptly began blasting my way through the excellent first person shooter Halo. I beat the game on its “average” level, and began working my way through the next most difficult one. It’s certainly living up to its rating, and after having been stymied … Read more