Game Day: The Book of Almost Everything

With the Dark City campaign back in full swing, I’m finally able to use my Book of Almost Everything. I created the Book in the waning days of the original Dark City campaign as I realized that I had a treasure trove of instant non-player characters, random encounters, and flavor text lurking in my back issues of Dungeon Magazine.

I spent a weekend finding and copying useful articles from my back issues, accumulating about 40-odd articles to use at the gaming table. And then the campaign promptly ended as I ran out of free time to work on Dark City, and the group moved onto other adventures.

With the campaign’s resurrection, I’m dusting off the old book, and eyeing a few new charts for its pages.

Table of Contents

The book is divided into four chapters: Optional Rules, People, Locations and Random Generators. At some point I’ll likely add another one for “Maps”, but that will require another pass through Dungeon. Here’s a list of articles that are presently included in the Book of Almost Everything, for those who are thinking of building their own.

Optional Rules

  • “Bribes and Contacts” from Chapter 11 of the Book of Roguish Luck by Malhavoc Press
  • “Cards, Dice & Skulls” Dungeon, April 2006
  • “Swamp Dangers”, Dungeon, September 2005


  • “Spells for Sale”, Dungeon, February 2005
  • “Alert the Watch”, Dungeon, January 2005
  • “Pilgrims on the Road”, Dungeon, January 2005
  • “Bounty Hunters”, Dungeon, March 2005
  • “Employers and Patrons”, Dungeon, April 2005
  • “Unsung Heroes”, Dungeon, April 2005
  • “Sages and Scholars”, Dungeon, June 2005
  • “Seneschals and Majordomos”, Dungeon, August 2005
  • “Specialists”, Dungeon, February 2006
  • “Glimmerpane”, Dungeon, October 2005
  • “Five-Second NPCS”, Dungeon, December 2004
  • “Merchant Madness”, Dungeon, September 2005
  • “Instant City Shopping”, Dungeon, January 2005


  • “The Green Griffon Tavern”, Book of Roguish Luck web enhancement by Malhavoc Press. Download the PDF.
  • “Inns and Lodging Houses”, Dungeon, January 2006
  • “Wet Your Whistle”, Dungeon, November 2005
  • “Passages into Darkness”, Dungeon, October 2004

Random Encounters

  • 150 Benign Urban Encounters” from Visit the web site.
  • “100 Meals”, Dungeon, April 2006
  • “100 Market Stalls”, Dungeon, June 2005
  • “Graveyard Encounters”, Dungeon, December 2004
  • “Abandoned Buildings”, Dungeon, November 2004
  • “Art and Other Fancy Loot”, Dungeon, January 2005
  • “One Hundred Useless Items”, Dungeon, April 2005
  • “Essential Works”, Dungeon, May 2005
  • “Beaker of Endless Potions”, Dungeon, August 2005
  • “The Mobius Scrolls”, Dungeon, April 2006
  • “Staffs of Power”, Dungeon, October 2005
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