Game Day: Quest for the Sunsword

Somehow Pierce Haligarth has survived his fellow Lightbringer, Donegal, cleric of Daern. The cleric fell while Pierce and his fellow adventurers sought the Amulet of Ravenkind, which they’ll need to fight the dread Count Strahd of Castle Ravenloft. While Donegal rests in his god’s eternal fortress, he’s left the rest of the party to hunt down the other critical magic item they’ll need: the fabled (and long lost) sunsword.

Returning to D&D

This is our first D&D session since returning from GenCon and it’s the start of an autumn-long run that that should see us finish the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft and defeat (or be slain by) Strahd. The campaign’s been running for a while now as one of two D&D games, but after wrapping up our dwarven Khelez-Mar campaign, we’ve decided to focus on Ravenloft as our sole D&D game.

Tonight’s game will be something of a re-launch for the campaign. We’ll be making an effort to re-introduce everyone to the main characters, focus a little more on role-playing those characters, and concentrate on making D&D combat run as fast as it can (all the better for the wraiths to kill us with, my dear!)

Reducing table talk is high on our list of things to do (always a challenge for us, but even more so when playing D&D, with it’s crunchy, sometimes over-long combats) but I also want to make an effort to flesh out the wiki entry for the campaign. I’m going to add entries for the different characters, move over some of the major campaign info (prophecies, Lightbringer Guild background information, etc.) to the wiki for easy reference. I’m also hoping to add summaries from Pierce’s adventure notebook.

Update: Check out the GriffWiki page for our Ravenloft campaign.

The Infinity Storm Is Brewing

Meanwhile, we’ve settled on Mutants & Masterminds as our alternative campaign for the fall. I’ll be running about five sessions of between now and December, which will take me through the first volume story arc and set up the game for volume two (no idea when that will happen, but perhaps Summer 2008. The campaign will continue the story of a new generation of superheroes that steps into the void left by the Freedom League when said League leaves Earth to investigate a strange object at the edge of the Solar System.

Look for The Constant Sentinel to be updated frequently as the campaign gets underway. The in-character blog has been a lot of fun so far, and I’m looking forward to resuming my role of geek-blogger InfinityLord.

Putting the Weird in Pulp

As the Infinity Storm rages, Erilar and I will be putting together a Weird Pulp campaign set sometime after World War I (probably in the 1930s, just before WWII) using the Savage Worlds rules. A part of me wishes we could start running this campaign now but we need to spend some time fleshing out the world, figuring out what rules to use, and figuring out how many sessions we want to run. I expect that we’ll start running this in January after we clear the chaos of the holidays. Almost everyone in the group is onboard with this idea, and I think it could prove to be our most successful non-D&D, non-d20 game to date.

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